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         Ron Jacobs grew up as a military brat, following his father to various colonial outposts around the globe, including Peshawar, Pakistan and Germany. His introduction to war came in 1965 when war broke out between Pakistan and India over Kashmir and he spent a week of nights in a hastily built bomb shelter. His antiwar activities began in late 1968 when his father went to Vietnam. He began posting leaflets for the October 1969 moratorium against the war in his hometown the following summer. From antiwar to anti-imperialist was an easy step, especially after moving to Frankfurt am Main and joining in the antiwar movement there, both on and off the military bases.
         Following his return to the states after high school, he bounced around the left, never finding a group that quite fit his approach. So, he headed west to the Bay Area where the life and politics of the street enveloped his heart and soul. Following an eight-year stint living the life of the road and staying (most of the time) a step ahead of the law, he headed up to Olympia, WA.. Once again, anti-imperialist activities became the focus as the struggle against US involvement in Central America and Iraq grew. He also wrote his first draft of The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground while finishing up his BA at Evergreen State College He now lives in Burlington, Vermont.
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